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New Thought Library

A wonderful public library filled with New Thought Classes we read for free!

Divine Tao

explore the tao from a New Thought perspective

Get Divine Insights through Divine Tao

"An amazing and beautiful web"

Higher Vision Spiritual Center

A growing Spiritual community , all peoples of all cultures, are welcome.

higher vision int

We celebrate life on everyday and gather together to celebrate as a community on Sundays at 10.30am

Find a wonderful Love Based
Spiritual Center near you!

Find A Love based Center near you

Want to listen to
Classic New Thought Texts?

listen to New Thought Classics for free through DivineWaves.com

Download free MP3's of
Thomas Troward's

Serving New Thought

Serving New Thought
"brings New Thought to our fingertips"
24/7 around the globe for free!!!

Aotearoan New Thought
Divine Journal

get a daily dose of inspiration

Get a daily dose of Divine Wisdom from the classic New Thought masters

The Gospels

Check out complete gospels online!

The Gospel of Mary?
The Gospel of Thomas?

It is a good idea to read them all.

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